Redragon M909 Review – The EMPEROR

Updated on August 10, 2020 By Christian Thomas

Redragon M909 Review – The EMPEROR

At Game Rodent we love reviewing products that offer good values to our readers. When talking about high-value, Redragon is one of our favorite brands, not only because their products are budget-friendly, but also due to the quality they offer.

The Redragon M909 Emperor is a very well designed gaming mouse and feels very comfortable on the majority of palms due to its ergonomic design.

It was created for pro gamers who demand high performance, and thanks to its high precision sensor and well-balanced weight, it allows doing very precise movements.

This rodent is ideal for FPS games because it has on-the-fly DPI switching, which can be changed by using a quick access button behind the wheel.

By using the Redragon software you can save multiple profile configurations, so you can adjust the DPI and colors based on the game you’re playing. Furthermore, you can select multiple color modes: rainbow, speed, and breathing effect.

Check out our full review below.

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Redragon M909 RGB Wired



DPIUp to 6200 DPI
Customize buttons7
Custom LightningYes

Key Features

  • Ergonomic design
  • Multiple RGB color mode: rainbow mode, speed and breathing effect
  • High precision sensor
  • Programmable buttons
  • Very durable material
  • Multiple configuration profiles
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Durable smooth Teflon feet pads for ultimate gaming control


Overall The Redragon M909  is well built and feels great in our hands. The scroll wheel is wider and more grippy than any we have used before. The software lets you create 5 custom profiles regarding the button functions, as well as color, waves, flashing, solid, and brightness.

Up/Down type buttons behind the scroll wheel give you instant access to 5 customizable DPI levels. This comes in very handy when you go from moving to aiming in an FPS game.

Also, the scroll wheel is exceptionally precise.

By the time of this post, the price is under $25, so we highly recommend it for that budget.


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