Redragon M602 Wired Gaming Review

Updated on August 10, 2020 By Christian Thomas

Redragon M602 Wired Gaming Review

The Redragon M602 Wired Gaming mouse is superbly designed highly customizable wired gaming mouse. The mouse is designed for eSports Gaming Pros who demand the very best performance. The Gaming Mouse is elegantly and comfortable thanks to a contoured smooth ergonomic design and offers smooth and precise movements due to its high precision sensor. This makes the mouse perfect for long-lasting gaming sessions providing maximum comfort and support.

Ideal for FPS gaming, the Redragon Griffin features a 7200 DPI optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking and high-speed motion detection for precise control. Offering on-the-fly DPI and profile switching with DPI Color indicator so you always make the right moves and can focus on your gameplay.

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Redragon M602 RGB Wired



  • Backlit and RGB
  • Ergonomic
  • Customization Software
  • 7200 DPI
  • Really low price per value


  • The spectrum of colors available is limited


The Redragon M602 Wired Gaming Mouse in itself is nice to look at first glace and even retains a nice feel for its design. It attempts to be ergonomic for most but I suppose some like myself would understand the problems once they attempt to get a feel for it.

Firstly it will fit most hands fairly well with it’s contoured shape. It’s designed to let your hand rest with it and that’s a good thing. However, once you get past the grip and come to terms with the additional button placements… This is where you start to notice the problems. I believe the side buttons (thumb buttons) are placed too far forward. The forward button despite it’s raised surface textures is too far forward for a relaxed grip on the mouse. Then if you would move your hand forward as if to clutch the mouse you cannot press the other middle mouse buttons so easily without a very uncomfortable bend in the middle finger (perhaps only people with large hands may experience this problem?) and I find it to be very impractical despite it being a button to be used for utility especially given consideration that it is fully programmable. The fact you have to switch your hand positioning frequently in order to use this mouse also makes it quite useless for flicks if you’re a person who plays shooters or real-time strategies. You won’t be able to get comfortable with a single grip and work with it as you’re learning two wrist motions to get the same results now that you are using two ways to grip your mouse to use the additional buttons.


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